O’Reilly PHP 5 Cookbook – 3rd German Edition

German PHP 5 Cookbook

German PHP 5 Cookbook

Book published by O’Reilly – written by David Sklar, Adam Trachtenberg, Stephan Schmidt, Ulrich Speidel, Carsten Lucke and Matthias Brusdeylins

The German PHP 5 cookbook in a new and completely revised 3rd edition with information on the new PHP 5.3. Collected knowledge of American and German PHP experts. It contains hundreds of well-approved “recipes” including explanations of the new PHP features.

Matthias Brusdeylins and I wrote the 3rd edition of the German PHP 5 Cookbook. This is a completely revised version of the 2nd edition written by Stephan Schmidt and Ulrich Speidel. We updated all contents in regard to the new PHP version (5.3) and added several interesting and helpful recipes utilizing the new features of PHP 5.3.

Description. The PHP 5 Cookbook provides solutions to a lot of tricky problems which often allow an easier solution to a problem than you had imagined. This new version addresses the changes and features addresses in the new PHP 5.3 like the introduction of namespaces, late static binding, lambda functions and closures, the PHAR extension and the updated Standard PHP Library (SPL) to name only a few. The whole book provides more than 350 recipes on topics like:

  • basic datatypes like strings, numbers, dates and arrays
  • variables, functions, classes and objects
  • iterators, streams, wrapper, filter and exceptions
  • web-programming including forms and database access
  • XML and webservices
  • regular expressions, encryption and security, graphics, internationalization and localization
  • files and directories
  • PEAR and PHAR

Language. German

Pages. 879


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